Capt. Brett

IMG_0951Born in Miami, Capt. Brett moved to Islamorada in 1983 and spent his childhood in the shallow waters of Florida Bay and coral reefs off the coast learning the hidden secrets of the Upper Florida Keys.  His father, who has been a backcountry fishing guide for the past 30 years, would allow Brett to disappear for hours in his boat, exploring the local waterways and islands and setting the groundwork for what would eventually become his true passion – helping others experience this tropical paradise in the best way possible – from the water.

After high school, Capt. Brett became a State Certified Firefighter / EMT and volunteered with Islamorada Fire Rescue for a few years before moving to central Florida to pursue a career as a professional firefighter in Lakeland.  10 years later, he decided that the islands were drawing him home and made the decision to bring his family back to the place where it all began.  Capt. Brett hopes that his daughter will follow in his footsteps and grow up with an appreciation for one the most amazing places on the planet.

True Island Adventures isn’t just a business for Captain Brett and his family – it’s a lifestyle….

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